A film by Maxime Grayt

With Avril Sanglant

DOP / calibration Sylvain Dufayard

Original music Paul de Villèle

Picture editing Agathe Hevrieu

Sound engineering Morgan Barbelivien

The newspaper Adrien Ménard

Hairdressing Jess'Ylan Blondeau

Paintings Maxime Grayt

The "Victoire" original typeface Adrien Ménard

Web designer and developper Camille Chauve - Untoldecay

Thanks to Carole Amrane / Margot Chabi / Camille Henriot / Zoé Marie / Marion Biloé / Alexandre Michineau / Cédric Hachem / La maison Du Dr Hens / Jacques Lemaire / Marlon Charansol / Alice / Kevin Jardel / Lionel Mora / Quentin Besnard / Prism Collective

Resume Nuage à 90° is a digital experience developed around the homonymous short film written and directed by Maxime Grayt in 2014.

Through April’s eyes, the main character, we dive into a suffocating world questioning the human condition and the whims of our contemporary society. Between dream and reality, this superstitious young man is heading to a dark and ominous future.

The interactive site Nuage à 90° offers an alternative to the traditional approach to short films, creating a more comprehensive and participatory universe. This experience allows a gradual immersion and acclimate the user to the mood of the film before viewing.

In addition, this platform allows visitors to discover the different actors of this project and their expertise, thanks to a dedicated page listing their personal websites.

For more information , please contact us at the following address:

Contact nuagenormal(@)nuage90.com

Contact maxim.grayt(@)gmail

Web design and dev chauve.camille(@)gmail.com

Press You can downlaod the .pdf press release here.

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